Being in Spain, and during my first step I worked mainly with Russian community here and clients coming from Russia from former partners that I have from my previous experience working in Russia.


    I have worked also during this period with other people from US, Europa and some Spanish people too, but with main focus in international people coming Spain from abroad.


       Now as I have much more knowledge about country, places, options, and also local collaborators and partners locally I am working to grow my activity specially not only in clients coming from Russian and countries of the region, but with clients form other world areas, and countries like US or UK.

      My main areas of activity have been based, till now in Madrid and Barcelona but also I have work in other relevant parts of Spain, including coast and historical places (Sevilla, Toledo, Malaga, Valencia, Marbella...).


           My experience, includes during the time I have being here, not only wedding itself but all around the event as bridal parties, support, transport, trip, bookings and many many details...offering couples (and even relatives!) a complete all-in service for enjoying a perfect wedding time.


I am very proud to be able to provide best quality service almost to everyone that want experience a wonderful key event on their life coming to have their wedding in Spain.

About Viktoria