Full wedding planning is the services that make your wedding perfect.  With the mind is responsible for everything related to the organizational moments of your celebration.

    You tell us about your wishes, and we are thinking about the plan of your wedding from beginning to end. While you are engaged in pleasant troubles in the form of searching for a wedding dress or, for example, tasting the cakes, the professional will decide the issues of the venue, organize a banquet, select the film crew and artists, think out the wedding scenario and exit registration, suggest the best designers.

    The main goal of full wedding planning  - is that you can fully enjoy and happiness from the event .



        Here i would like to explain you how we are working and if you have any doubts here you could see examples of my work.

Why you need a  wedding planner...

                                                        PLANNING AND PREPARATION

    To create the perfect wedding celebration every moment and action must be thought out and rehearsed. A wedding is just your day, the embodiment of a cherished dream, a new milestone in the history of your relationship.

     Each couple has its own charisma and individuality, so the organization of a wedding for all is special. The wedding agency Wedding in Wonderland organizes a wedding of any scale for you, taking care of all the troubles associated with pre-wedding preparations, the choice of scenery, the venue for the celebration and other moments. The most important thing is to rely on the experience, professionalism of our team. And we, in turn, will do everything possible to make this day the best event in your family history. Your trust inspires us to the freedom of creativity and the creation of wedding masterpieces.

     We have conditionally divided the process of pre-wedding preparation into 7 steps, which have their own nuances and pitfalls. By systematizing your thoughts and determining the sequence of preparation stages for a wedding, you will be able to get rid of the sensation of panic and turn a chaotic train of affairs into an orderly project.





     It all starts with dating. For us, the factor of personal acquaintance in order of importance is, perhaps, in the first place. In many ways, the success of the cooperation as a whole depends on the first meeting. At the first meeting, our task, as organizers, is to tell you about us and our projects, answer the emerging questions and most importantly get the maximum amount of information from you that will allow us to get an idea about your couple, your tastes, desires, interests, expectations and concerns. We do not like various questionnaires and briefs, since dry questions will not replace communication and live emotions. In order to create a project that is ideally suitable for your couple, we need to look at the world through your eyes. And only then, on the basis of the information and sensations received during the acquaintance and the first meeting, our creative team will be able to get down to starting work - the formation of the concept of your celebration and the selection of a place.





     It is extremely rare that our clients, when they first met, could say with confidence what kind of wedding they want to see. This is right. After all, you come to the agency so that we come up with your wedding, because this is our profession. Work begins with the creation of a concept.  With regard to the wedding, the concept - is the main idea, which obey all the components of the celebration - from the invitation to the final implementation of the project. If the concept invented is interesting and worked out, your wedding will turn into an Event that will remain in your and your guests' memory for a long time. Conversely, in the absence of a conceptual idea, the event falls into a set of various services of a wedding agency. The idea is the key puzzle that underlies the overall picture and often takes a lot of time to find it. But it's worth it, because it is at this stage that you and I will have to become co-authors and like-minded people in creating your future wedding celebration.





        Selection of the venue is another important stage of preparation for the organization of turnkey weddings. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the concept of the celebration and the choice of the site are very dependent on each other. Sometimes it happens that a couple, addressing us, knows approximately or exactly exactly where they would like to hold a wedding. In this case, when creating a concept, it is necessary to take into account not only the wishes of the heroes of the occasion, but also the particularities of the chosen place. And on the contrary, if there are no specific wishes in place, then the idea and concept is initially formed, and then, proceeding from the plans, the venue of the celebration is selected. But in any case, the experts of the wedding agency "Wedding in Wonderland" will select for you those places that are perfect for you and fully correspond to your tastes and ideas.





         The concept, style (design) and the script are the three whales on which the success of your celebration rests. Concept is a shared vision; style - the scenery in which the celebration will take place; The script is a detailed story that will unfold around you on your wedding day. In creating style, we rely on your tastes and wishes on the one hand, and our vision on the other. As you know, the same performance can go in completely different sets, it all depends on the author's view. And in any of the variations, it can be extremely successful. The main thing is that the chosen style be sustained in everything - in printing, textile decoration, floristics and stage decoration. It is the endurance of the style that creates the atmosphere, the atmosphere, in turn, forms the emotions, and the emotions, as we know, turn into memories.





    The general concept sets the movement trajectory for the director's decisions of the entire event. The concept is transformed into a director's vision, which in turn interprets the task of the script writer. The screenwriter writes the script in close collaboration with the project director. Together the composition of the involved artists is selected, the presenters are selected who will fit perfectly into the outline of the script. Thus, the script is one of the most important stages in the preparation of your celebration. A good script is the key to the success of the whole project.





    By preparation for the celebration, we mean the stage that for our customers remains behind the scenes of the event. In the process of preparation, all services involved in the project implementation are included in the work - artists, decorators, shufflers, tailors, florists, etc. That is, preparation is the production process during which your wedding is born.





      The start time of the installation of your wedding depends on the amount of upcoming work. Sometimes the team of the agency starts to work the day before the start of the celebration, and sometimes a few days. All concerns about the arrival schedule, plan and sequence of work, ensuring working conditions for contractors are provided by the staff of the Wedding in Wonderland agency. For us, your wedding begins long before its official start. On the day of the celebration, the administrators coordinate the work of all the services involved in the event - the readiness of the scenery, the cover, the table setting, the welcome buffet, the meeting of guests, and artists. That is, the whole huge layer of backstage work, which is invisible to you and your guests, is performed by the staff of the organizing agency. Well, after the holiday is over and the guests leave, we proceed to dismantling, which also represents a long and painstaking process, in which a large number of participants are engaged.


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